Corporate Restructuring

We undertake Corporate Restructuring, prior to assets/business disposals, to ensure that businesses can avail of certain Tax Reliefs including Retirement Relief for Capital Gains Tax and Business/Agriculture relief for Inheritance Tax purposes. There are numerous conditions to be satisfied to avail of these reliefs and hence Corporate Restructuring can be frequently necessary in advance of potential business sales. Services provided include:

  • Identification of most suitable Corporate Tax structures to maximise tax reliefs.
  • Exploiting all Tax Reliefs on Business Disposals.
  • Mitigating Tax on transfer of family businesses including stamp duty, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax.
  • Restructuring businesses in advance of disposal to ensure all specified conditions to avail of Special Tax Reliefs are satisfied.

Debt Resolution

Occasionally, it can be necessary to refinance a project, business or property investment. Debt restructuring is very useful and should be undertaken, to ensure that loan repayments can be met in a timely fashion. There are new niche Finance Houses, who provide funds for such restructuring, but they will obviously require detailed information including Business plans, projections, for due diligence purposes, and in advance of providing the necessary finance. We can assist you in these areas including:

  • Reviewing cash flow projections.
  • Identifying alternative sources of finance.
  • Negotiating with finance providers including banks and finance houses.


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