Corporate & Personal Tax

We provide a comprehensive Tax compliance service including preparation of Personal and Corporate tax returns. Many individuals and some companies prepare their returns and we review these returns, to identify any omissions and possible tax planning opportunities. In addition, we provide Tax Consultancy Service to Personal and Corporate Taxpayers and also Professional Advisers including Solicitors. Our typical clients include High Net Worth Individuals/Businesses, cover a wide spectrum including Self-Employed Individuals, Business Owners, Company Directors, Executives, Expatriates, Trusts, Property Investors both Irish and Foreign, and Individuals and Companies with substantial Investment portfolios.

Services provided include:

  • Preparation of Corporate and Personal tax returns.
  • Review of tax computations and identification of claimed allowances on reliefs.
  • Assistance with Revenue online filing (ROS).
  • Assessment of tax scenarios and preparation of tax planning reports.
  • Advising on optimum tax structures for Businesses and Investment Proposals.
  • Advising on tax implications and reporting requirements in relation to various profit share schemes.
  • Professional services for Expatriates and non Residents.
Inheritance Tax & Succession Planning

Succession planning and in particular Inheritance Tax planning has become extremely important, in the current environment. This is particularly the case, bearing in mind the relatively modest Inheritance Tax Exemption Thresholds. Many Irish Executives holding shares in Irish Multi-Nationals are unaware that they may have a substantial exposure to US Estate Tax, due to the penal US tax rules, applicable to non-US residents.

There are many valuable Inheritance Tax reliefs available in Ireland, including Business Relief and Agricultural Relief, which reduces substantially the value of Business Assets, when quantifying Inheritance Tax liabilities. Many individuals don’t have wills and those that have, frequently give insufficient attention to the structure of their wills. All wills should be reviewed on a regular basis, particularly if ones circumstances change. Basic changes to wills can result in substantial tax savings.

When addressing succession planning, the initial step is to prepare a Statement of Affairs, listing all assets and liabilities and quantifying one’s net worth. One then calculates the Tax liability based on the ultimate value. The next stage is to determine what steps might be taken to minimise this tax. Steps might include taking out special Tax-efficient Life Insurance policies called Section 72 or Section 73. In addition, one might utilise the annual small gift exemption threshold of €3,000. Enduring Powers of Attorney can also be extremely beneficial from a Commercial and Tax perspective.

Services provided include:

  • Completing and filing Inheritance Tax Returns.
  • Reviewing assets and preparation of Statement of Affairs to quantify net worth.
  • Quantifying Inheritance Tax liabilities.
  • Reviewing Wills and identifying commercial and tax planning opportunities.
  • Assistance in executing Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  • Advising on invaluable Business and Agricultural Property reliefs.
  • Family Partnerships.
  • Benefits of Trusts.
Capital Gains Tax

Whilst Capital Acquisitions Tax (Inheritance Tax) usually arises following the receipt of gifts and/or inheritances, many individuals are not aware that, if they gift assets at less than the market value, such gifts also represent a disposal for Capital Gains Tax purposes. There are numerous reliefs available to minimise such taxes including Retirement Relief for the sale of a business, and also a 10% Entrepreneur CGT Relief. Advanced notice on disposal of assets is vital to quantify potential liabilities and identify steps which might be taken to minimise these liabilities.

Services provided include:

  • Preparation of Capital Gains Tax computations on asset disposals including properties, shares, Business assets etc.
  • Assisting with Bed & Breakfast share transactions, utilising annual exemption thresholds.
  • Maximising Retirement Relief on sale of businesses.
  • Assisting with Entrepreneur 10% Capital Gains tax relief.
  • Availing of special seven-year relief for Capital Gains Tax on sale of properties acquired after the 7th December 2011.
Revenue Settlements & Interventions

Over the years, we have gained a considerable experience in negotiating with the Revenue Commissioners, resulting in excellent Revenue settlement figures. Proactive action, initiating a settlement and submission to the Revenue Commissioners, can result in considerable tax savings, particularly in relation to penalties.

Services provided include:

  • Assisting with Revenue audits.
  • Preparing voluntary disclosures for submission to the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Identification of tax leakages and quantifying tax liabilities.
  • Preparation of tax calculations ensuring mitigation of interest and penalties.
  • Liaising with Revenue Commissioners to arrive at a satisfactory settlement.
Taxation and Redundancy Planning

There are Attractive Reliefs available on Retirement, where certain levels of termination payments might be exempt from tax. In addition, it is possible to extract substantial Pension lump sums tax-free, from pension funds, with careful advance planning. To provide the necessary advice in this area, it is important that adequate notice is provided to your Adviser, in advance of accepting any Redundancy proposal on Retirement or when selling a Business. Usually, it is necessary to take steps and implement procedures, to maximise the after-tax return on any payments received. We regularly deal with such Redundancy programs and packages on a regular basis.

Areas covered include:

  • Assessing the tax implications of redundancy package proposals.
  • Reviewing and quantifying maximum tax-free exemption entitlements.
  • Reviewing the pension implications on any package proposed.
  • Obtaining advance Revenue approval for lump-sum payments.
  • Filing necessary Tax returns following receipt of termination payments.


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